• The loop design of the dog collar prevents it from slipping off the dog’s head.
  • The collar is much safer, preventing the dog from escaping and endangering himself.
  • The collar is dog friendly and more humane. When the collar is connected to a leash, it closes around the actual diameter of the dog’s neck. In this way, the closing of the collar does not restrict the dog’s throat like a traditional choke chain, or pinch collar.
  • The Martingale collar is perfect for any sighthounds and many sporting and working breeds like: Vizlas, Borzoi, Collies, Australian Shepherds, Greyhounds, Whippets, Boxers, and Pharaoh hounds, to name a few.
  • Most dogs respond to the Martingale better than with a choke collar. It never produces a choke hold on the dog, but gently tightens to fit the dog’s neck. There is no pain or constriction of any kind to the dog if fitted properly.
  • The collar remains in position on the dog’s neck much better than a traditional flat collar. Because of this position, most dogs will not pull and tug in front of the owner. It is a much better collar for loose leash walking and training.
  • A struggling dog cannot back out of this collar. If the dog is frightened by traffic or loud noises, trying to rear away from the frightening source, he cannot pull out of the Martingale.

martingale2 All of these facts are a good reason to try the Martingale collar with your dog. The collar is very effective when fitted according to manufacturer’s specifications. The basic fitting method is to tighten correctly. When the smaller loop is pulled, the two outer parts of the collar should join in the middle, fitting comfortably on the dog’s neck. The Martingale collars are available in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. They are sometimes hard to find in pet stores because most people buy traditional flat collars or chains. You could request your local pet store to order one, but it is probably easier to order one online. Most sites will tell you how to measure your dog’s neck and each Martingale is adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.