Please take note of the following important information prior to submitting your application:

  • Please answer all questions and provide specific details when requested.
  • CCRT will contact your veterinary clinic (if you currently have pets or have had them in the last 5 years) to confirm you have taken your pet(s) at least one time per year for an annual wellness check and vaccinations/heartworm prevention as applicable.
  • CCRT abides by local maximum pet ownership by laws and will verify your town/city’s household pet limits. If you have reached or exceed the limit, unfortunately, we cannot process your application.
  • All potential adoptive homes must complete a ‘meet and greet’ with the foster family and foster dog, in the city where the foster dog is located. If your application is approved, you must also travel back to that city to pick up your new furry family member. Note, the majority of our foster homes are in Ontario and you’ll find the city and province where the foster dog is being kept in their profile.
  • If you have not taken your pet(s) to the vet at least one time per year for wellness checks and/or you are unable to travel for meet and greets/dog pickup, your adoption application will not be approved and you may wish to reconsider submitting it.
  • CCRT charges an adoption fee and these fees help to cover the vet expenses incurred by the CCRT. All dogs are spayed/ neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative (if applicable) before ownership is transferred to an adoptive home.
  • Failure to provide a thorough and well completed application prevents us from processing it.

If you understand the above points and are confident you meet all requirements, including the need to travel, please complete the following application:

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: All home visits will be conducted with the health and safety of the applicant and our volunteers in mind. CCRT volunteers conducting your home visit will be free of all pandemic related symptoms and will wear a mask for the duration of the visit. Applicants and all household members must also be free of pandemic related symptoms and will be required to wear masks for the duration of the home visit. Physical distancing will be practiced at all times. Upon arrival or at any time during the home visit, if the applicant or CCRT volunteer feels unsafe in anyway, the home visit will be rescheduled.

In many cases, we receive multiple adoption applications for the same foster dog. We do not adopt out our dogs on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Instead, all applications are reviewed with a goal of finding the most suitable forever home for the dog.

Adoption Application

(Please ensure the name above matches the name on your photo identification which will be verified by a CCRT volunteer)
Are all members of your household aware you would like to adopt a dog and do they approve? *

REFERENCES - CCRT may contact your references to discuss your application and your previous experience with pets. Your references cannot be related to you nor live in your home and must know you for at least 2 years.

YOUR PETS: When answering the questions below, please note “pets” includes dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small rodents or any other animal kept by you/your family as a companion animal.

Do you own a cat(s)?
If you own a cat(s), are they:

RESCUE DOG: If you are interested in adopting a specific dog, please provide that dog's name. Feel free to list more than one or leave this field blank if you have no preference. If you don’t have a preference, please tell us about the Chihuahua you hope to adopt.


Do you have tenant/homeowner’s insurance, including liability insurance? *
If you indicated above there are children (under 18 years old) in your household, how much of the responsibility will they be given for the care and management of the dog? *
How much adult supervision will be provided when the dog and child are together? *
If there are no children in your household, how often will the dog come into contact with children? *
Does anyone in the home have allergies or sensitivities to pet dander/hair? *


What is the level of activity in your household? *
Do you have a yard that is securely fenced to contain a small dog?
How much supervision will the receive when they are out in secure yard.
Are you prepared to travel for ‘meet and greets’ and to pick up your new furry family member if your application is approved? You are responsible for all travel costs and a reminder, at this time, most CCRT foster homes are located in Ontario. *

Agreement to Terms

Please indicate you are aware your application must be approved before adoption of a CCRT rescue dog can take place. *
Please indicate you understand that if you are a successful candidate in the adoption process, your personal information will be shared with Petpoint, 24 Petwatch, OSPCA Pet Insurance and Royal Canin. *
Please indicate you have read the full application, understand its meaning and agree to its terms by clicking the button below. *
I have read, agree with & will adhere to the CCRT Safety Policy

Submission Guidelines

All fields must be thoroughly completed before submission. A reminder incomplete applications cannot be processed. Press the submit button once and wait for the results of your application. An automatically generated response will be sent to you to confirm your application has been received by the CCRT. The CCRT receives dozens of applications on a weekly basis and we ask for your patience as our volunteers make time to reply to you. Thank you again for your interest in the CCRT.