Ash is available for adoption.

DOB: 2 March, 2023
: 2.5 lbs (Growing puppy)
Location: Port Perry, Ontario
Adoption donation: $850

At first Ash  is timid and shy but such a sweet girl!!

She will run back to her bed when someone new  approaches her or if she is unsure of a situation. Once she realizes everything is ok she’s quick to come bounding back out to get some attention. She loves playing and wrestling with her sister Stella, and wants to play with the older dogs too. She loves to be held and cuddled and will cry just to be picked up. She is getting extremely attached to her foster mom. Still working on the potty training. She uses pads about 70% of the time but does still have accidents and will need further training.

These sweet girls are amazing fur babies and someone will be unbelievably lucky to have them. They are good natured, chill little pups and oh so adorable. They still have long naps throughout the day and sleep all night. They are Curious about the cat but also understand the cues she gives off to leave her alone.  They need to be in a home with someone that is home with them most of the time and that will be patient with them and their potty training.

Ash may be adopted on her own but preference will be given to adopters who wish to adopt Ash and her sister Stella together.

Due to their young age (2.5 months), Ash and Stella are available for adoption as Foster-to-Adopt pups.



The Foster-to-Adopt program requires full commitment from the family or individual who chooses to use this option.  He, she or they must have a fully approved foster home and subsequent adoption application, including home visit, vet, landlord and reference checks.

The dog will be considered a foster dog, as set out on the CCRT website.  All regulations regarding medical care and any form of transfer must be met. 

CCRT will assume expenses of the chihuahua until such time as adoption is complete.  CCRT will pay all medical bills which have been discussed and agreed upon by the CCRT Committee or its delegate.  In this regard, the foster rules govern.  Once the adoption is complete, the adoption rules will apply.

CCRT’s Foster-to-Adopt program was created to place unaltered dogs and puppies into approved forever homes in a foster situation prior to adoption. The Foster-to-Adopt program allows approved applicants to take an unaltered dog into their home until the animal is old enough or healthy enough to be spayed/neutered by a licensed veterinarian. This means that you have been approved for adoption, but the animal is unable to be adopted prior to being spayed or neutered. To be accepted into this program you must be approved for fostering (as per CCRT website) and subsequent adoption. Once the spay/neuter surgery is completed an Adoption Contract will be signed. At which point CCRT will be released of all medical responsibilities of the animal.

We know it’s hard to hear but we will not consider applications from people who work a full day. As puppies can be handfuls, the puppies  will require a family who has a lot of time and love for them. A working family who is gone for 8-10 hours a day is not the right fit these girls. They need a family who is committed to establishing a life with them. In return they will give their new parents the gift of unconditional love, companionship and laughter.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Ash, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.