May 2016

It’s been I think almost 2 weeks since we adopted Bambi and I know I already sent you an update a couple days in, but he’s doing so fabulously I just had to write to you again!

I have to tell you, my fiance and I spoke about rescuing a Chihuahua for YEARS.  We searched endless websites and programs but always pulled back worried that we would make the wrong choice and end up with a pup that would make our life too difficult.

Bambi has made an absolutely seamless transition.  He’s completely become a part of our family and bonded with our 3.5 year old male Chi Reuben in such a short time.

They love wrestling, chasing each other in the grass, sun bathing and tearing a part toys together.  They even snuggle in their sleep.  He has not caused us one single headache, is an absolute pleasure and perfect addition.


At night time Reuben has always been more of an independent sleeper at the bottom of the bed, but Bamb sleeps right up with us, head on the pillow and all…his long legs and stinky feet all in our faces, lol.


So yes, long story short I have told everyone we know about our amazing adoption experience and the incredible pup we found with CCRT.  Highly recommeded!

You all do amazing work and should be very proud.

Many thanks;)