May 29, 2020

Bambi has been adopted by a previous CCRT adopter


Bambi is NOT yet ready for adoption and we are not accepting applications for her. Please monitor her profile and it will be updated when she is ready for her furever home. 

World, meet 3 year young firecracker Bambi. This little bundle of personality will keep you on your toes and you can’t help but adore this lovebug. Bambi currently shares her foster home with 3 resident chihuahuas. She is accepting of these intruders on her me-time with her foster parents now but took a couple of weeks to adjust to the pack in her foster home and find her place. Bambi aspires to rule the world and will growl at her foster siblings if they get too close to her food or human(s) but this funny girl is all bark, no bite. That being said, Bambi will confidently go after what she wants. She has claimed the largest bed, the one with the heating pad, for herself, the smallest dog in the home. Bambi is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. Bambi immediately bonded with her foster Dad and has attempted to claim him for herself. She hasn’t quite won this battle though and has resigned herself to the fact that he has enough love for all of the dogs in the house. Bambi’s furever family should be strong, calm and kind pack leaders. Bambi has acquired a nickname while in her foster home as she is extremely strong and resilient for a 5 lb little girl. Her stocky frame and natural need to bounce around sends her flying from sofa to table to anywhere else Bambi’s will takes her. She is extremely bright and Houdini-like and baby-gates, fences and any other barrier are no match at all for Bambi. She can get through it, mostly by charging it until it’s down. Her nickname is Tank. Yes, we are laughing as we write that. This little 5 pounder is a Tank. Therefore, her future family MUST have a fully fenced, secure backyard with no gaps whatsoever and she should be double leashed (one harness and one collar) for quite some time while out on walks lest she decides to exert her independent streak.

Bambi’s foster parents report that this personality-plus firecracker has 2 speeds: stop and go. When she’s set on “go”, the many distractions in the home (3 dogs and humans going about their business) energize Bambi so that she bounces around from dog to dog, toy to toy, human to human so that even a simple command like “sit” requires too much concentration amid the enticing distractions. Then, there’s the “stop” setting, where Bambi’s true love of cuddling overtakes her and she is thrilled to cuddle quietly with her people, preferably on a lap, for hours and hours or days and days. She is a total lovebug and an A+ snuggler.

Bambi is (for the most part) housetrained. She uses pee pads and is also happy to go outside to conduct her business but occasionally, when she’s feeling mischievous, Bambi will sneak off and leave little presents for the humans to discover later. Bambi is still getting the hang of walking on her lead, which seems new to her. She happily bounces around on her lead while out on walks, slightly excited to observe the rules of walking nicely, and follows her foster siblings with great enthusiasm. Bambi is still very puppyish and requires practice with her leash manners. She scores an A+ for walking enthusiasm though.

Bambi is a barker and whines and cries when her foster parents aren’t in sight and would not likely be suitable for an apartment or condo. During the COVID-19 pandemic’s social isolation, Bambi’s foster parents are home quite often but her barking and whining when they are out of her line of sight indicates she may have separation anxiety. She has not been tested with children. Note, Bambi has a “lobster-claw” front paw deformity that causes her no discomfort, requires no treatment, and does not impede her from running, jumping, playing and bouncing around”.

All in all, Bambi is a super sweet girl, full of personality, love and affection. 

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