September 2017

We’ve just received this update from Bella’s mom and dad.

The word “Bella” means “beautiful” which is associated for dogs that are small, loyal, agile, pretty and graceful. Bella enjoys her new mom and dad immensely. She is very excited and jumps onto mom when mom comes home from work. She spends a lot of cuddle time with mom in bed, watching TV and sitting on the coach. Bella recognizes Dad as the person to feed her, take her for walks 3 times a day in the parks, and someone to snuggle when mom is away. Bella has learnt to communicate with Dad when she wants to go for a walk: stirs him straight in the eyes.


Bella is great with people in the neighbourhood. She enjoys and greets Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Squirrel by her barks through the window. Mr. Monkey, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Penguin are her toy friends. Toy friends are used for chasing and retrieving plus tug of war with dad.


Bella is still a bit defensive when meeting with other dogs. Dad is patiently calmly her down to play with other small dogs in the neighbour. The other dogs are patient with her as she learns how to talk and play with them. In a brief time, she will have dog friends in the neighbourhood.

– Brenda and Tony