February 25, 2020 : Adoption Pending

February 15, 2020 : No more applications, please!

Ben and Finn are brothers.  Since these two chis interact well together preference will be given to applicants who would like to adopt both.

Ben and his brother Finn have endless amounts of energy for playing with one another – They love fetching toys as well as taking them from the toy basket to hoard in the play pen – they are very curious and love to explore – they prefer to do their business indoors and generally hit the pee pad most of the time – Love snuggling and playing together – they seem to seek comfort from one another when unsure -try to engage the 3 resident Chis they currently live with to play by barking at and then pouncing at them – they do not climb stairs and do not jump onto furniture. – they are mischievous and will get into anything at their level so their furever home will definitely need to be puppy proofed – will need to continue training in their furever home – Finn is definitely the more outspoken litter mate. – Ben is more timid and takes time warming up.

Vital Stats

Age: 11 months old
Weight: 5.08 lb

Location: Milton Ontario

Adoption donation: $700