September 10, 2017: Adopted

This is Bingo

Bingo found himself with the CCRT back in late 2016, he was adopted out shortly after. Through no fault of his own, he has found himself back in the care of the CCRT.

Bingo has been through some unstable conditions over the past couple of years and because of this he became uncertain of people and his surroundings. When Bingo first arrived at his foster family, all he did was hide under his blanket and sleep all day and wanted nothing to do with anyone. He would throw temper tantrums if he was disturbed or moved when it wasn’t on his terms, even petting was an issue. It took only a few days to get him to start to trust his new foster family, two and four legged, and with their patience and guidance they have been able to help him relax and come out of his blanket to enjoy life again.

In his foster home Bingo is learning routine, rules and basically how to be a dog and be part of a happy, healthy family again. As he gets adjusted and with the help of regular walks and exercise his temper tantrum frequency is diminishing but without proper guidance he will easily fall back into that so an experienced dog owner is preferred for this little guy.

Bingo has been trained on pee pads and he is very good at going on them, no surprises around the house. However, his foster family is working on training him to go outside and he is doing amazing during the day and only uses pads at night time. This might likely be his routine for the rest of his life, which isn’t a bad thing. His family will require patience, understanding to continue his training with regular bathroom breaks, walks and a consistent routine to ensure his success.

Bingo likes other dogs but isn’t sure how to play with them, big or small, he will follow them and watch but isn’t much for playing with them, he would rather run around and have a human throw his toy for him to fetch and throw again… and again… and again. He LOVES fetch, barks, and growls like a mini beast but it’s all part of his excitement to play. Bingo is mildly food and toy possessive and the foster family is working on that and it has improved a lot as Bingo relaxes in the home. The adopter will have to continue to work with him on this issue. No cats or young children for Bingo, he just isn’t a fan.

From this description it does sound like Bingo is a little “ruff” around edges but he really is an awesome and silly little guy with a big personality. Once Bingo gets to know and trust you, he loves you. Kisses, tail wags and snuggles welcome his foster family when they get home from work and first thing in the morning.

Unlike many Chi’s, Bingo is independent and likes to sleep in his own bed or crate snuggled under a cozy blanket of course. He likes to hang out on the couch or chair with you but will head to his bed when he is tired.

Bingo has retained one of his baby teeth, which causes him no trouble and can be removed at a later time during a dental.  He does not require a dental at this time.

Bingo needs a forever family that will put in the time and effort he needs to stay physically and mentally healthy for the rest of his life. In return, he will be the perfect sidekick, that is all he is really looking for, someone to call his best friend forever. Is that you?

If you would like to adopt Bingo, please fill out an adoption application for him. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other foster dogs.  Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a donation towards their care.


Age: 5 yo
Weight : 4 lbs—needs to gain about half a pound
Location: Barrie Ontario
Adoption donation: $400