September 2015

I am so glad that I chose to have a meet and greet with Blu because his pictures did not do him justice! He is soooooo much cuter in person. My poor little guy isn’t always photogenic, but in his defense, it is hard to get good shots with his colouring.


I’ve had Blu for about 6 and a half weeks and it’s been amazing to watch how far he has come in such a short time. To be blunt, Blu truly was (was being the operative) the underdog. It’s my understanding he spent a lot of time in foster care and I am forever grateful to his foster mom for doing an amazing job. From what I know, he didn’t take to too many people and generally tried to push them away. That all changed when he met me. I am honoured that he took to me more than and faster than anyone.  Like Luna, Blu chose me, but I did fight for him! Something in me knew that his best chance was here with me.


Blu has a 10 month old kitten sibling named Luna.  Strange to some, but I actually adopted Blu for Luna because she needed a friend and her current best friend is my friend’s chi-mix down the hall.  I have given them a Hollywood name of “Bluna” and I Hashtag all of their pictures as “#BlunaLove”.  Luna has been, and continues to be so patient with her big brother as he adjusts to his new life. If he reacts to her pushing too hard, she backs off and tries again another time.  They often sleep together, play together (albeit a little too rough sometimes on both their parts) and are more than happy to share snuggle time with Mommy with Blu on my lap and Luna in my arms on my chest/stomach… Luna and Khloe remain best friends, Luna and Blu are siblings, Blu and Khloe tolerate each other and walk well together and Blu’s best friend is down the hall the other way. He is a shih tzu named Johann.  Interesting how that turned out.


I was walking Blu the other day and unbeknownst to me, a friend had seen us from where she lives.  She said Blu looks like he is “loving life” while he walked and that he was “walking with confidence”, no longer looking fearful.  What a compliment! Blu will snuggle with friends while they are here hanging out and he now lets his Auntie TT (Khloe’s Mom) pick him up.


Blu still has a long way to go, but he will get there. He no longer tries to scare people off for the most part. At least not nearly as often. In fact, he has quite the fan club in my apartment building.  I have seen him initiate attempts to meet people both in the building and on walks.  I periodically push his boundaries and he is doing so well.  Where you once couldn’t get him to go out in the rain, he will now do so as long as it’s not too hard and he has his raincoat on.  Where he was once afraid to walk in the dark, he is making leaps and bounds in that area too.  Blu loves kids of all ages and welcomes their attention and play. He instinctively knows they pose no threat.


Blu belongs with Luna and me – he is home! I am determined to work through all of his issues to make sure he feels safe and loved in all circumstances, no matter what it takes.