RIP May 27, 2009

Bobbie was a permenant foster dog of the CCRT for just over 3 years. We were very fortunate to have been selected as Bobbie’s foster family and to have had the opportunity to share our lives with her.

She and her “brother” were surrendered when their loving parents were no longer able to care for them and were placed into a nursing home. Unfortunately, Bobbie’s brother had many health issues, he passed away very shortly after the transition into their new foster home.

This left Bobbie all alone in the world after being in a loving and secure home her whole life, she was having trouble handling this new life. At this point she came to us, a quiet adult home with other chi brothers and sisters. She gradually became less stressed and I like to think, enjoy life once again.

She also had many serious health concerns, which along with her insecurities, deemed her to be unadoptable. Personally, I think it was an act because she didn’t want to be moved again. She was determined to have her own way and would go to any lengths to get it. The couch was hers, she claimed the beds as her own, she didn’t like to get wet–we called her the little Queen.

Her antics were endless–from the nightly pillow wars (apparently I didn’t understand that my pillow was hers) to hiding under my skirts to keep dry with only her tail was visible–wagging in complete circles in celebration of remaining dry . She loved her doggie bed and would drag one around with her from room to room with her.

On one occasion we went away with my son coming to stay in our house to look after the animals. Bobbie didn’t appreciate this change at all. She remained on the bed in the bedroom where he delivered her food to her. She only ventured off to go outside when absolutely necessary & returned back to her bed. He slept on the couch with the other dogs, she had the complete bedroom to herself–as befitting the little Queen she was.

She gradually lost her sight, but being the little trooper she was, she handled it amazingly well. She quickly learned the floor plan, and even handled a household move with ease. She only depended on us when out for walks. If there was an obstacle in her way I would say OOPSIE & she would stop. I would move her over and say OK and we would continue on our way. There was never any hesitation; only trust. She knew that we would never let anything happen to her and leaned on us only as necessary !

She was a tough, fun & determined little sweetie and we miss her very much.

My hopes for her now are that she is once again with her brother, and can run & play with ease.