It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear Bogie.

Since coming into our lives Bogie (AKA Tootsie Roll, Sky Pooper, Boogers!, and Back Door Bogie) taught us so many things, including:

The art of subtlety.

The old adage It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye is absolute BS.

Life is better with bananas.

A Parkour enthusiast in his younger years, later in life Bogie worked hard to perfect the art of lounging through numerous hours of dedicated practice in his bed, his crate, his yurt, on his sheep skin rug, the sofa, and his various favourite laps. Bogie also enjoyed travel to such exotic locales as Ottawa, Montreal, parks (municipal, provincial, AND national) and Goderich where he was truly touched to find a road named after him. (How cool is that?!?!)

Bogie was as perfect a companion one could ask for. Sure, there were a few incidents one may feel less than proud of: The kidnapping of Honey Bunny, peeing on our bed, some general thievery, etc. (Also, it has been our suspicion that he somehow conjured up a global pandemic to keep his humans at home and others away. Should that be true, we’re truly sorry.) But overall, a really good guy and a loyal and caring friend.

He is missed by us in so many ways.