Calvin has found his forever home. No further applications will be accepted.

With his large, dark eyes and timid face, Calvin is a sweet, silly little guy who needs a patient owner to help him come out of his shell.  Are you that person?

Only a year old, Calvin is a little on the skinny side at 9 pounds, although he has put on weight since coming into CCRT’s care. Like many Chihuahuas, he has luxating patellas, although they cause him no issues and don’t require medical treatment. He does have a head tilt which the vet believes is permanent, but he shows no other signs of medical issues.

Calvin is still fearful when getting to know new people and needs a patient, cautious introduction. Initially he can be nervous of eye contact, sudden movements, people entering his space, or touching him in certain places. Usually he gives subtle cues such as lip licking, head turning and and eventually baring teeth and growling when he’s unhappy. He can, however, go straight into bite mode if feeling overwhelmed. For this reason, Calvin requires an owner who is experienced with behavioural issues in small dogs and dedicated to helping overcome his past traumas. As he has had a negative reaction to small children in the past, CCRT is also looking for a home without children for Calvin.

When Calvin is feeling comfortable, he can be an active and silly little guy. He is still young and needs a good amount of exercise, be it hikes, long strolls or park time, to burn off some of his puppyish energy. When there are no distractions, he walks well on a leash but does show some leash reactivity that needs to be addressed. Due to his leash reactivity around other animals or people in close quarters (such as hallways and elevators) Calvin isn’t suitable for condo or apartment living.

This little guy has a high prey drive and likes to chase and bark at squirrels or other small animals (even skunks – yikes!). He has not been cat-tested, but would likely show similar behaviour. Calvin currently lives with two small dogs, and he does well with them and is respectful of their space and communication. He is housebroken, although did mark his territory a few times when he first arrived in his foster home.

While he loves to explore outside, he also enjoys playing with his toys and foster mom. He is a first-class cuddler and always wants to be touching his human, especially at night, when he likes to spoon and share a pillow. He has been known to have possession issues with his “designated” person.

At heart, Calvin is a sweet, loving boy with tons of energy. He just needs a human who is confident in addressing his behavioural issues and willing to partake in an active lifestyle with him. Calvin needs a home with adults only, meaning over the age of 18.

You can follow along on his journey via his Facebook page here:

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Vital Stats

Age: 1 yo
Weight: 9 lbs (a bit thin)
Location: Mississauga
Adoption donation: $400