November 2015

Hi Darlene and Terry,

I just wanted to send an email and let you know that everything is going great with Cashew (previously Turbo)! He is such a pleasure to have around and has bonded with me so well in such a short amount of time. Initially we had some issues with housetraining, but we are making great progress so far! He is very attentive and curious and often spends the whole day following me around to see what I am doing. He is quite content to sleep in his bed while I am at work and often I come home and find him in a peaceful sleepy daze. He is no longer running away and hiding under tables, but in fact he often approaches me and asks for some scratches and cuddles all by himself. He listens very well and now will actually come over when I call him and I recently discovered that he knows how to sit on command (especially when I have treats). We have been going on long walks together and he is so great on leash; he doesn’t pull, but sometimes he gets frightened at the different noises and will just stop walking for a few seconds until he realizes it’s okay to keep going. But even that is getting better. He is still very frightened of other dogs when they try to approach him and he tries to hide behind my legs, but he is making great progress with people. On our walks we often get at least one person who instantly falls in love with him and gives him some petl, so he is definitely getting more socialized with people. He is so small and perfect to carry around, so it’s easy to take him everywhere with me, and it has done him a lot of good to meet different people. He is coming out of his shell and his personality is absolutely perfect.

Thank you for all the hard work you do and for all the guidance you have given me. I am very grateful to have this lovely little guy around.