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Dogs Living Happily Ever After

If you have adopted a CCRT dog and have a "Happy Ending" to share, please email us!

Chico Happy Ending

We love hearing from our adoptive homes with news and updates on former foster dogs. His former foster family tells us that when he moved into his furever home, he remembered them from the home visit and has lot of kisses for them. Chico and his brother Sam, love...

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Gus (FKA Mr. Bean) – Happy Ending

We are happy to share an update on Gus, formerly Mr. Bean, who is living the grand life in his new home........ "A few weeks have passed and I wanted to share an update on the wonderful Mr. Bean. Gus, formally known as Mr. Bean, has been a perfect addition to our...

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Stella Lives Happily Ever After

July 2018 We have recently heard from her new owner. We have no issues. We adore her. Unabashedly. We’re starting a second level obedience course in two weeks. Here’s a Canada pic of her and me in our pond. She loves to swim. In fact, she pretty much loves everything...

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Beautiful Bella is Living Happily Ever After

September 2017 We've just received this update from Bella's mom and dad. The word “Bella” means “beautiful” which is associated for dogs that are small, loyal, agile, pretty and graceful. Bella enjoys her new mom and dad immensely. She is very excited and jumps onto...

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Hillary’s Happy Ever After

News from Hillary's new mom. Hillary is super smart. She knows where the sun is throughout the day and tries to climb over gates to get to it if it's blocked. Lol. She loves her sunshine and sometimes grumbles when you move her. She does correct with a stern "no"...

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