Darling Chloe came to CCRT with her constant companion,┬áJasper, in 2006. This was the 3rd time she had come through CCRT and we were determined to ensure she had a stable, happy home for the rest of her life. Since we couldn’t fathom adopting them out again, they were placed in permanent foster care with a loving, wonderful CCRT foster family.

Chloe had her ups and downs but overall, was a happy, silly girl. Even though she went blind, that didn’t stop her from enjoying her walks and playtime. Chloe loved to nap and be with her people – what a lovely life she led!

Unfortunately, after almost 3 years with us, Chloe left us for Rainbow Bridge. She passed away quickly and unexpectedly in February 2009 with her foster mom and dad and Jasper by her side. Chloe is loved and very missed by all of those who met her, but especially her doting and committed foster family.