July 4, 2018 Adoption Pending. No further applications will be accepted.

World, meet Coco.  This chocolate coloured beauty was transferred to us via a shelter.  She has settled in well at her foster home, which has 2 resident chihuahuas.  She arrived at a robust 13 lbs, which is a little too robust for her frame, and her foster Mom is working with Coco to lose a bit of this weight.

Coco’s foster home is an adult only home but her foster Mom took Coco on an outing to the pet store where a young child approached and asked if she could pet Coco, and Coco enjoyed it.  In the past, Coco has lived with other dogs and a cat and reportedly got along well with all of them.  We are not entirely sure about children yet, but the pet store episode went well.

Coco appears a little fearful when she is asked to go into another room (without foster Mom) but this may simply be because she has learned that this proceeds the human leaving the home.  What chihuahua wants their human to go out?!?  Coco loves to be with her human.  A little reassurance works well and Coco obliges, although she realizes she will be left on her own.

Coco seems to be pee pad trained but really prefers to do her business outdoors.  She sits by the back door when she wants to go outside.  She has only had a couple of accidents in the home but these were likely due to excitement.  Coco would love a backyard to roam around in, fully fenced, of course.

Coco isn’t a huge barker inside the home.  The doorbell will result in barking and she will join in if the 2 resident chis begin barking.  When she is outside, she will bark at other dogs.  Coco walks well on her leash.

This sweet girl LOVES to play!  Whether it’s fetching a ball, tossing a squeaky toy or chewing on an antler, Coco is happy.  But, this girl’s absolute favourite activity is belly rubs.  She is a sweet, cuddly girl who loves a good belly rub, as often as possible!  This will be a requirement of her new family.

She appears to understand “sit, stay, come, no, and off” and responds well to her name.  Coco recently went for a nail trim, and behaved beautifully.  There was no resistance during her manicure.  Coco has shown herself to be an all-around great, loving, sweet, cuddly, dog and will make a beautiful addition to any family.

Coco has a heart murmur. She is asymptomatic at this time and no medication is required. Due to her heart murmur and as per the vet’s recommendation, Coco will not undergo a spay nor dental surgery. Coco’s furever family will be VERY carefully screened as a result.

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