Adopted June 2017.


Colour: fawn
Age: 2 yo dob 02 28 2015
Weight: 10.1 lbs
Location: Barrie Ontario




Colour: black
Age: 2 yo   dob  02 28 2015
Weight: 4.7lbs
Location: Barrie Ontario

Adoption donation: $600 for the bonded pair

Please note that these 2 girls must be adopted together.   We will not separate them.

Introducing the dynamic duo of Cookie & Ruby!

These two sweethearts truly are the best of friends. They rely on each other for comfort and company 24/7 and are very much a bonded pair. Where one goes, the other is steps behind, making them a twosome of cuteness wherever they go. They are happy and well-adjusted dogs that seem to do well with change, whether it is meeting new people, new dogs/cats or a new environment. They take everything in stride and any uncertainty they do have, they move past quickly and are relaxed and looking for belly rubs in no time.

About: They each have their own unique personality that has come out in the foster home over the short time they have been there. Like most Chihuahua’s, they both love to snuggle under the blankets and will sleep the day away in the warmth of the sun.

Cookie:  This little gal is the leader of her pack. She might only be 4.7 lbs. but she is confident and takes the lead on any new adventure. She has a voice when new people arrive but is easily quieted with simply saying her name. When you meet Cookie, you can’t help but smile, she is the happiest little dog that will melt your heart very quickly when she jumps up and lays next you for a belly rub or gives you kisses as she cuddles in.

Ruby:  She prefers to let Cookie take the lead in new situations but when it comes to snuggling, Ruby is an experience professional. Incredibly gentle and loving, this gal makes anyone she meets love her. Ruby isn’t big on barking, so far anyways but she does talk and make grunting noise when she wants attention and when the other dogs in the foster home get excited.

Training: The girls are doing well with their housetraining, with only a couple of accidents since they arrived. The foster family has them on a routine with their dogs and that seems to be working great. Ruby wasn’t a big fan of walking on the grass when she arrived but she is getting much better. Cookie marches out and does her business like a pro. They will use puppy pads as well but the foster family is having success training them to go outside that they haven’t had to use any pads after the first day. They eat well and are food motivated, especially for treats so that is great news for training. They are currently learning basic commands and so far, doing well. They are crate trained and enjoy sleeping in one together.

The girls don’t seem to be interested in playing. Whether it be together, with other dogs or even with toys. They simply show in interest at all. This might change as they settle in more to their new environment but for now they simply watch from the sidelines with no interest in joining. They do however enjoy walks, they get excited when they hear the leashes come out and join in with the foster family dogs with anticipation of going and both walk very well.

The foster family adores these two and knows that whoever the lucky family is to adopt them, will be overjoyed with the love and companionship these two will bring to their lives.

You can see more photos of the dynamic duo here.

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