NOTE: This dog is  NOT in the care of CCRT and we are unable to answer any questions or facilitate the adoption of these dogs. All inquiries MUST be directed to the contact number noted below. 

Cherry is a 4 year, 10 lb, spayed female Papillon. Her cheerful outlook belies the fact that she is homeless. She has, however, adapted wonderfully to her present foster home that she shares with a smaller female dog, a senior, grumpy male dog, both of whom she shows the utmost respect, and two adults. In an ideal world where human kindness and compassion prevails, sweet Cherry would not have found herself in need of rescue. If her opinions could be known and shared she would, no doubt, believe herself to be less than worthy of a safe and loving home.  Cherry’s feelings of self doubt could be dispelled forever with the support and commitment of her new family. If you could offer Cherry a nurturing environment please call us at: 905-939-2692. No young children due to her smaller size and vulnerability.