Meet Chula, she is approximately 9-10 years old and weighs ~ 11 lbs (she needs to continue losing a little bit more weight). Her adoption fee is $425 and she is located in Gatineau, QC (near Ottawa, ON).  You must be willing to travel if chosen for an initial “meet & greet”.

For any serious inquiries and/or to request an adoption application, please email Anna at: 

Chula loves going for walks and exploring in the fenced-in yard.  Her toys are such a joy to her.  She will happily play by herself or with you joining in the fun.  She’s a typical chihuahua in that she loves protecting her home base and will bark at anything that moves.  For this reason, only a detached home will be considered for adoption as she has a very loud bark.

Chula is not crate trained and does NOT like being kept in one or in a doggy pen.  She is very used to using a pee pad in the home, but will also go outside.  Her perfect forever home must be very accepting of this.  A pee pad must always be available to her in the home.  She is ok to be left alone for a work day and is not destructive.  But if you’re home most of the time, this would be a bonus in helping her decompress to a new space.

This precious girl does seem to have been physically and socially abused in her past.  Her full history is not known.  She has likely had 2 homes in her past.  Chula is used to her name and a perfect home will agree to keep her name.  She listens quite well to her name so changing it would in a way set back her progress.

Chula is a nervous girl around other dogs, (not tested, but likely around cats also), fine with caged pet birds and guinea pig.  She needs to be the ONLY dog in the home to rise to her potential of being fully comfortable in a home.  She will bare her teeth and bite if she feels that her personal space is being invaded.  For this reason, NO CHILDREN IN THE HOME…..EVER.  To my knowledge, she has never bitten a child, and a forever home must be in 100% agreement to NEVER take this risk.  She is not a fan of being picked up and cuddled.  She would rather come to you of her own complete choice.  Once she feels safe, she will readily cuddle up to you and enjoy some belly rubs, ear scratching and butt rubs.  For no physical reason, at times she will scream and run when you gently pet her.  This is why I believe she has been physically abused in her past.  You must let her be when she does do this, and let her decompress on her own.  She will come back to you when she is ready for your attention again.

This precious girl needed a few months to become truly comfortable enough and she will likely need as much time to slowly reach her full potential in her perfect home.  She has gotten somewhat used to the dogs in her foster home, but will try to defence-bite the old, mostly blind/deaf senior guy as he can’t tell if she’s in a bed he wants to get into.  Chula still has never reached 100% comfort around the dogs and this is why she MUST be the only dog in her perfect home.  She still holds her ears back or to the side and does frequent side-glances when anyone else is on the move around her.

Medical information:

Chula has no know vetting history other than being spayed at some point.  She is vaccinated with DHPP & Rabies as of this past spring and is on monthly flea & tick prevention.  She is also microchipped.  Chula does a little “gagging” type of cough sometimes, more so after drinking water.  She has had an x-ray done and her trachea is healthy & not causing this.  It seems like a habit she might have picked up from a previous home.  When being handled by strangers, (ie. Veterinary staff), she will need to be muzzled.  One will be provided with her adoption.  This can be explained more if an applicant proceeds to phone interview stage.  She will require a dental within the next year.