Please note: Grey is NOT a CCRT Dog

Grey is looking for an adult only home willing to work on basic training and behavioral issues.

Spicy and Grey were surrendered to The Animal Hospital of Kitchener-Waterloo a few weeks ago. All we were told is that they are between 1 and 5 years old and came from a kennel. When they came to us they acted like feral dogs, had no names, had parasites, rotten teeth, and were not neutered. Due to how bad their teeth were we estimate they are 6 years or maybe older.

Bloodwork was run to check organ function, and was normal, heartworm test was also normal. They were treated for parasites and vaccinated. They were neutered and had many rotten teeth removed (Spicy has 2 teeth left and Grey has 8 teeth left). On exam they are physically healthy.

These little guys are survivors , but will need a LOT of behavioural work with their new owners! They are not well leash trained. They are not house trained, we are working on it, but small male dogs who have spent their whole lives marking territory need a diligent and patient caregiver to teach them where is ok to pee. In some cases this can take weeks or months of kennel and umbilical training, and for some male chihuahuas they may never be well house trained.

Grey’s personality – Grey (named for his cute grey nose) is very timid and very nervous, he looks to other dogs for comfort and how to behave. He has a follower type personality but is intimidated by large dogs and long haired dogs. If the new owner already has a calm chihuahua or other small breed dog, Grey could be a good buddy and hopefully with time would mimic its behaviour. Grey cries and barks when not with another dog so he is currently staying with Spicy but would likely be happier with a happier buddy. Grey is very fearful in general and will scramble to get away when scared, he has not tried to bite but you will still need to be cautious with him. He would be best in a home with a securely fenced backyard.

If you have any questions or would like to apply to adopt please contact Leila at ! There will be a questionnaire for those interested in adoption. The adoption fee is $300 each.

You can apply to adopt Grey by contacting Leila at