Happy Labour Day weekend from Tia, Gigi (Cupcake) and our JRT sister Stella! Loving cottage life!


Cupcake and Tia have been adopted!

Cupcake and Tia are littermates although they do not look alike nor act alike. Cupcake is the larger of the pair at about 7 pounds – mostly black with some white and brown markings. She is more outgoing and has the confidence to approach people first.  Tia (fawn colour) is a bit more reserved and weighs in at 5 pounds. When they get to know you, they both love being on your lap and being held.  At night they sleep together in their beds or on the sofa.

Both love being outside and playing with each other in the backyard. We are still evaluating how they behave with other dogs but they do not get along with cats.  They walk very well on a leash and they love going for walks.  They are housetrained and will use pee pads but will also do their business outside.  You do, however, have to pick up after them right away as they tend to play with their own feces.  Boredom is the enemy with these two as they will find something to chew on (like a blanket or a pillow) if they become bored.  The ideal enviroment would be a very active household with many walks and lots of outdoor time.  They love eachothers company but should not be left home alone for long periods of time.  They are extremely busy “toddlers” (18 months young) and require a fair amount of activity and enrichment.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.