Delilah has been adopted!

DOB: June 2016
Weight: 6.8 lbs
Location: Beamsville Ontario
Adoption donation: $450

Delilah is a gentle sweetheart who loves everyone, though you wouldn’t know it at first. During initial encounters, this darling, gentle girl will growl and bark although she doesn’t have a mean nor aggressive bone in her tiny body. The sure way to become Delilah’s fast friend is to pick her up and cuddle with her once she is comfortable. Delilah LOVES to cuddle and once she knows you, her favourite place in on your lap.

In addition to cuddling, Delilah loves belly rubs and will turn on her back to accommodate more of them! She loves sleeping with the resident dog in her foster home and has recently begun to play with her. She hasn’t shown any interest in playing with toys but is enjoying her canine friend. In the morning, Delilah loves to sleep in and can be found nestled in her many blankets. Sometimes she requires encouragement to leave her blanket pile and join you!

Delilah is good with both dogs and cats and with children 11 years and older. She has not been tested with children under 11 years of age. She walks well on her lead and can be permitted free reign in the home when the humans are out. The longest she has been left alone in the home is 3 hours. She is always thrilled when the humans come home and does the cutest happy dance while offering up the best “welcome home” greeting ever. The happy dance also happens at meal time! Delilah eats both kibble and wet food and enjoys both.

Delilah does her business outside but definitely prefers warmer, dry weather. She has left the very occasional #2 surprise for her foster parents on extreme weather days. She will not tell you when she needs to go out so she will require a regular schedule or many opportunities throughout the day to go outside for “business.”

Delilah has bilateral luxating patellas which do not slow her down at all and cause no discomfort whatsoever. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, dewormed and recently had a dental so she is in tip-top shape and ready to make the right family very happy.

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