RIP March 15, 2009

It is with regret that we announce Fab, a sweet older boy who only spent a few weeks with CCRT in foster care, has passed on to Rainbow Bridge.

Fab was dropped off at an Ontario shelter in a box with a note around his neck that read ‘free to good home’. The shelter decided he would do best in foster care so they called CCRT. He came to us with numerous medical issues including a hernia and fluid on his lungs. Fab was put on several medications and we hoped he would get better and be adopted by a loving family. Fortunately, Fab spent his last few weeks of life in foster care with a wonderful family who spoiled and loved him immensely. We are told Fab had a wonderful personality and a very sweet, gentle nature.

Fab left us in March 2009, but we know he was thrilled and grateful for his time at CCRT. He now joins the many other CCRT dogs at Rainbow Bridge where we know he is healthy and happy.