Adorably enormous ears, gentle brown eyes and a five-star snuggler … what more do you need in a dog? If you’re an experienced dog owner with a fenced yard and some patience, Finn might be the guy for you!

Finn was transferred to the CCRT from another Ontario-based rescue. He’s about three and a half years old and would love a forever home to grow, learn and cuddle in!

He’s a sweet boy with the softest fur ever. He loves to shadow people around the house, although as he gets more comfortable in his foster home, he is becoming more independent.  Finn will bark if he sees someone through the window or hears an unfamiliar noise, so he wouldn’t be the best dog for a condo or apartment home. He’s also a runner, so we’re looking for someone who has a fully-fenced yard to keep this little guy safe.

He does his business outside, but he prefers to do it on walks, simultaneously showing off his excellent leash manners. He likes going on walks and is ready anytime you are.  He does occasionally have accidents in the house, so would benefit from some patience and training in this area. He loves his food, but will not eat if he is nervous.

Finn also loves car rides and, hilariously, enjoys looking at the drivers in other vehicles.  He is good with smaller dogs, but a bit guarded around bigger dogs, likely because of his size.  Finn is timid around strangers and will bark at them if they stop to say hello to him.  He takes time to warm up to new people, but once he does, he craves attention from them. Do you have the patience and kindness to help Finn come out of his shell?

He is quiet at night and prefers to sleep under the covers with his foster mom. He is well-behaved with the home’s resident Chihuahua and he will play with her at times.  Finn loves to play with his foster mother and loves playing with his stuffies.  He has a lot of energy and likes to be on the move whether it’s just pacing around the house or playing.  Once he is tired, he loves to burrow in his blanket and sleep either on his bed or on the couch beside his foster mom.

His foster mom tells us

He is quiet at night, but if he hears anything he will start barking no matter what time it is.

I walked him yesterday at midnight before going to bed, he woke me up at 5:15 am. I took him outside to go to the washroom.  There is no sleeping in with this guy.  If I lock him in the crate, he starts barking between 6 am to 7 am.  If I just leave him downstairs, he then comes upstairs and barks at me in bed.  It does not matter how late I walk him at night, he is looking for breakfast early in the morning.  

Because Finn is small and somewhat nervous, we’re seeking a home without either large dogs or children. He has never bitten anyone, but he can be aggressive, especially if his mouth is being touched.


Finn has so much potential and has already made such progress in the time he has been in his foster home.  He needs someone who will be patient and loving. He will require training to help him get over his fear of strangers.


If Finn is the guy for you, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.


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Vital Stats

Age: 4.5 years old (born March 23, 2015)
Weight: 6-ish pounds ( needs to gain a bit of weight)
Foster Location: Markham, Ontario
Adoption donation: $400