In October 2006 a very timid little Chihuahua was rescued from a nasty living situation. Fanny went to live in Lethbridge Alberta with Giselle and her family and learn that she didn’t need to worry about being hurt any more. Since Fanny needed more attention than her foster family could provide, they decided to send her to Lee in BC. Here she was soon paying attention to the other dogs and was losing her panic attacks when approached or touched. Soon Fanny learned to do a fast little dance – dubbed “Fanny-dango” when she wanted to eat. She would pounce on Foster Mom’s feet with her front feet then back up and dance in circles. She would come and give a gentle body slam to get your attention for a back rub. She did not enjoy eating anything other than her kibble but learned to eat it in the daytime instead of sneaking out to eat at night. Fanny enjoyed walks in the back yard and wandered around the house a bit, too. It took some time but she was beginning to act like a real pet.

Unfortunately this wonderful time came to an abrupt end. Fanny had a serious bout with Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome. After time spent in the vet clinic she finally came home but had problems with balance and seeing things properly. At first she gained some of her old ways back a little but soon began to regress. After some time she was in such a state that she refused to eat and was very unsteady on her feet. She only wanted to hide in her bed as she did when she was first rescued. The difficult decision was made to let her go to have some peace. At 9:00 am on August 4th, 2007 Fanny went to the Bridge. She was not alone and it seemed she was relieved to be free of the confusion and uncertainty she lived with for so long. Fanny is now whole and free of health issues and mental issues so she can enjoy being a wonderful little dog. Her little sad face will be missed by everyone who knew her.