December 5, 2015 Adoption Pending.  No further applications will be accepted.


September 19, 2015

Ducky is an amazing, friendly little guy who is 8 years young. He is a chihuahua mix weighing approximately 13 lbs.

Ducky is active and playful….and acts much younger than his age. He loves running – whether it is to chase a toy, dog, or going on a roller blade. If you are looking for an active companion….he is your guy!

When he is not being silly playful, he enjoys curling up on or beside his human. He takes every available chance to get into your line of sight…and to get your attention. He loves giving little kisses while receiving his loving. And belly rubs…..did I mention belly rubs…he loves those.

When I say Ducky is friendly, he can be too friendly. It is evident that he has not learned proper cues in his previous life and can be viewed as rude by other dogs due to his lack of boundaries. That being said – in the short time he has been in foster – he is quickly learning what is acceptable interaction with other dogs and what is not. He also falls on the more dominant side.

While at the park Ducky will go up to random people that he does not know, and look for love and affection. On leash he can get a little over excited when meeting people and will lunge and bark at them.  He is however quickly learning that this is not the right way to get attention.

Ducky is housebroken, and knows to do his business outside.

Ducky’s ideal home would be with someone that is active, and can continue his training on not being so friendly/rude. He would do well as an only dog or another dog that is comfortable with his friendly persistence. Bigger dogs seem much more tolerant of him than smaller ones that can tend to feel overwhelmed (however he has made great progress with the 2 resident dogs in the house….and keeps his newly learned boundaries in check).

If you want to follow his progress he does have his own Facebook page:


Age: about 7 yo

Weight 12 .7lbs

Location: Mississauga Ontario

Adoption donation: $400