July 2016

Hi everyone – it’s Finnigan here!  I wanted to let you know that even though it took a while for me to find my forever home (and that was okay because Kathy’s house was lots of fun!), it was worth the wait.  I love my new people and my new friends and my new routine.  I settled in very quickly and I am very attached to my Mom and my brother Stevie.    Early every morning we go walking in the ravine near our house and Stevie and I try to chase the squirrels and the rabbits and the ducks.  Boy they are fast – we never seem to catch up.  When we get home we have breakfast and then it’s time to wrestle!  Stevie and I always wonder why Mom bothers to make her bed – that’s our favourite wrestling spot unless of course we’re chasing each other around the coffee table in the living room.  I just went to the vet and got a clean bill of health – and it turns out that I now weigh 12.4 lbs – exactly the same as Stevie – so we are well-matched!    We go on pack-walks with our friend Ryan when Mom is at work – he always laughs at how fast I run to keep up with the big dogs in the off-leash park.  At home my big sisters always have lots of friends over so I have a variety of laps to choose from when it’s time for a nap and Stevie and I like to lie by the pool and watch them all swim in the afternoon.   My new friend Captain Hook and his parents have a cottage in Muskoka – we sometimes go for the weekend and get to spend the whole day playing by the lake with all the other dogs.  As you can tell, my days are pretty busy so I sleep really well at night (and no sign of seizures!).  Stevie and I like to curl up on either side of Mom and Jack the cat joins us most nights too.   Good thing Mom has a big bed!

I want to thank all of you for taking such good care of me while I was waiting for my forever family to find me – and thank you for taking care of all of my friends who are still waiting.  I am sending some pictures of Stevie and I to show you what my new life is like.

Licks and cuddles to everyone!