FrankieFrankie has been adopted!

Hiya everybody! My name is Frankie and I’m CCRT’s newest rescue pup. I’m 5 and a half years old and so far, my life has been good… but a bit sad. First, my best chihuahua friend passed away when I was just 3. Then my owner passed away. I felt really sad when that happened.  But I know I’m going to have the best life because I found the CCRT and I’m on the hunt for a forever home!

My foster mum said I should talk about my likes and boy, I’ve got a lot of stuff to like!

Let’s start with snuggling!  I like to jump and snuggle into blankets.  I LOVE to sleep on laps– it’s my favorite thing to do! I don’t care if you have to work, sleeping on your lap is my top priority. How will you get through a zoom meeting if your lap is COLD? I also like sleeping in the big bed. I mean, where else would I want to sleep?? I still remember what happened to my owner and now I always check on my foster mum when she’s sleeping by sniffing her face to make sure she’s okay. So….  I think my forever home has to understand I have a doggy duty to snuggle in the human bed, not a dog bed.  I need to know you are o-kay.

What else do I like?  Car rides, long walks, and adventures in High Park.  I might be 5lbs, but I love walking the trails and stomping in the leaves. People and other dogs don’t bother me one bit, because I’m busy sniffing. I’m not like other chihuahuas because the rain doesn’t bother me one bit but you know what I hate? Puddles. I can spot a puddle a mile away and I’ll plan my path to avoid it. No puddle jumps for me!  My dream family will take me for walk adventures every day!

Speaking of walks– I call the sidewalk my runway. I have a passion for fashion and love wearing new clothes. I’ll even help put them on! Doggie couture is for me.

All of this talk is making me hungry.  I hope my forever home has Greenies (those green chewie treats). I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Anyway, my foster mum says I’m a perfect gentleman because I’m house trained, and pretty calm for a chihuahua. I am barky, so condo/apartment  living is not ideal for me! I prefer to be on a walk adventure but I’m also okay to be home alone. She says she trusts me and I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like a good thing.

I may have had a lot of losses, but I know I’m on the right path now to my forever family.  If you like adventures, snuggles, and hate puddles like I do, please apply to adopt me! I promise I’m the best boy you’ll ever meet. xo Frankie

If you meet the criteria for Frankie’s new home, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them, or any of our other foster dogs.

Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.