It was love at first sight when we met Frankie.

We adopted him a short while ago and are so happy with how he has adapted to living with his new family so easily. He is so friendly and affectionate and loves to have his belly scratched and rubbed and scratched some more! He loves to jump up and sit on our lap and is very generous with his kisses.

He and our other dog Tuco are getting along like they were long lost pals. Frankie often likes to sit right beside Tuco, sometimes nuzzled right up into him. He loves sitting in front of the fireplace and basking in the sun coming through the window.

We have affectionately nicknamed him “Frankie Five Fingers” as he can be quite mischievous and is known for jumping up on the coffee table if he smells anything that might have been left on a plate.

He loves to go outside for long walks, we go twice a day. He is very good on a leash and especially when putting on his harness.  He is still not at ease with dogs he does not know and is quite nervous around children but we are working through these issues slowly. He is doing much better with the house training too! He does very well in the car and travels with ease.

He likes to be in whatever room we are in at the time and is so excited when we return home from being out. Frankie has brought so much energy and joy to our home and we are enjoying him so much.

He is highly entertaining and such a wonderful friend for our Tuco too.

Thanks to his foster mom Joy, he was given so much love and attention and she was a wonderful help in his transition to our home.

Thank You for all the great work you all do at CCRT and helping all of these wonderful Chi’s find their forever home. We are so thankful Frankie’s forever home is here with us!