Gucci has been adopted.

Age: 6 years
Weight: 5 lbs
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Adoption donation: $450

Hi everybody, I’m Gucci. I’m the smartest and most cool dog you’ll ever meet.

My foster mum says I have a mastery of the English language. I know lots of words like “sit, jump up, finish breakfast, cuddle, belly rub, night night time” and many more. I love to listen to conversations just incase someone is talking about me. You’ll know I’m listening because I’ll give a side eye to show you!

Some of the words I don’t understand when my foster mum says them are “I’ll be right back” and “I’m just going to the car.” What does that even mean? Will you be 2 minutes? An hour? 6 years!? I always wonder why she doesn’t take me. I want to go too! Even if it’s just two minutes, I still want to go. I love taking out the garbage and recycling, even if I don’t do any of the work.

Right now I’m in a condo, and that’s perfectly fine for me because I’m a quiet guy. During the day I sleep, drink some water, chew on my bone, have snack, and then take another nap. That’s my routine and it’s a pretty quiet one.

Speaking of routine, I love a good routine. I like when things are predictable, like where I can go to the bathroom and when I can expect to go for a walk. I don’t do anything bad if the routine breaks once in a while, but I do feel most comfortable when I know what to expect. Of course I love going on adventures with my foster mom (and im always up for them), but when you’re not around, keeping routine is best.

I’m fully house trained and I’m great on walks. I know where to go to the bathroom and I’m quick and quiet about it. I mostly ignore everything and everyone, but because I’m so small, people never ignore me! I try to be as quick as possible outside so I can get back home.

I’m pretty shy. I prefer women and I’m cautious and curious about men. They’re okay. I am a velcro dog with my foster mum, and I have a strong sense of stranger danger. I don’t bite or act aggressive at all but I will hide behind my foster mum if a stranger tries to talk to me, especially a man. I look at my foster mom for reassurance and she tells me it’s ok. That makes me feel better.

I’m good with people, kids and dogs, but it takes me a while to warm up. Anyone who wants to adopt me should know I might be afraid of you at first. I’ve had a lot of change in my life lately and I need time to warm up.

My perfect forever home would be:
– a mom who works from home so we could spend maximum time together, or maybe she could take me to work with her?
– a quiet, chilled environment where I can make the most of my naps
– someone who wants to take me everywhere. I love adventures when I’m with my person
– condo or a house, I’m easy
– as I’m coming out of my shell, my foster mum is learning that I don’t like big noises. Loud cars or loud motorcycles, or even big barking dogs spook me and I look to her for reassurance. I would love a quiet suburban home and not in the heart of a big city.
– a warm lap to snooze on and cuddle with
– lots of belly rubs
– permission to sleep in the big bed. If I don’t sleep in the big bed I cry at night and that’s just not fair for a guy like me!
– silk pillow cases. I love silk. It’s my favorite fabric. I love to roll on it and rest my head on it like a human.

My foster mum says I’m a picture perfect pup with so much love to give. Hopefully i can find my forever family soon!


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