We are happy to share an update on Gus, formerly Mr. Bean, who is living the grand life in his new home……..

“A few weeks have passed and I wanted to share an update on the wonderful Mr. Bean.

Gus, formally known as Mr. Bean, has been a perfect addition to our family. Him and his new sister, Hazel, have been slowly getting to know each other and made some excellent progress this passed weekend.

A few of our favourite things about Gus:

– he loves walks! He is happy to take his time but loves to go out and be social with the neighbours and kids in the area. He is the centre of attention when we go for a stroll on the Danforth. When we come home Gus gets really hyper and starts to play bow and challenge you at the door. It’s absolutely adorable.

– sleeping & sunning – Gus has taken to a dog bed. We had a crate set up for Gus with a bed and we also had a few extra beds for Hazel. He took a liking to one of them and hasn’t gone in his crate once. We have it set up still just in case but so far he doesn’t seem interested. The two dog beds are set up under our south window. Throughout the day the sun pours in and he loves to take a long nap in the sun. Gus loves to also lay in the sun on the back deck. He rolls over after a few minutes and makes a few grunts noises so he can sun his belly.

– dry skin – happy to report all dry skin is gone

– cottage – I’m writing this from Gus’s second weekend at the cottage. Talk about his true dog qualities coming out. From digging to swimming to rolling in something gross, Gus is a full blown cottager. As mentioned my in laws have two chihuahuas. Gus of course got along great with everyone and it was wonderful to have all four together. There little personalities are so unique. Last Sunday was a real breakthrough day for Gus and Hazel as they were sunning together on the same cushion on the porch at the cottage.

Gus has been a real blessing to us. He makes you really wonder about his story and how he got to us. It took a few days for him to feel truly settled but I think he can tell this is his forever home. He started running to the door with Hazel to greet their dad after work this week. He is content if I go upstairs without him. He even turns into our house after his walk.

Thank you again for your wonderful work and for allowing us to give Gus a happy life he deserves.”