Here is Gypsy with Teddy getting ready for their walk and then a sit down on the front verandah to watch the dogs go by.

They are best of friends.  The Gyps is just beginning to stop her barking at everything and really relaxing.  She’s so smart.  Whilst I make dinner, she now sits on the edge of carpet watching me all the time.  She’s bonded completely with me and almost there with my husband.  She has a new leather harness – looks like a Game of Thrones extra.

I love her to bits and she’s growing in a huge coat of hair.  I am feeding her Arcana for small dogs.  Great food from Alberta.  Teddy’s on six fish Origen (same company).  She likes a sprinkle of pink salmon over her dinner.  She’s is a very happy dog and loves her new home.  Spoilt for sure.  We’ve taken her to our vet for introduction and a complete file made up for her.  We will love her forever.


Gwyneth and Mel