We’ve just heard from Chloe’s forever family who are getting ready to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Chloe is the cutest (and I know that other people boast about their furry  friends) – but seriously, she is the absolute cutest puppy EVER.   She loves everybody and everybody loves her.  Our friends come over for “Chloe time” as she is such a little snuggler. 

Chloe gets along really well with our other dogs –  Coco and Ozzy.  They are very attached to each other and play well together, a bit crazy at times.

Working from home has helped Chloe’s separation anxiety and she can usually be found sleeping in my lap or with the other two dogs in their bed.

Chloe enjoys car rides – even to visit the vet – but she really likes going to the horse barn to visit Waldo (our horse).  She is quite curious and very brave for a little thing.  We cannot take her out in public very often though as she attracts way too much attention from strangers (soooo cute).

We wanted to thank CCRT for choosing us to be Chloe’s family and for taking such great care to make sure she would be safe in our home