In July 2007 we applied to adopt Abby. We did all the necessary steps and when we were accepted as a forever home for Abby, we got the unfortunate news that she was adopted elsewhere. We were disappointed to say the least but, about a week later, we got the call telling us that she had been returned and we were asked if we were still interested in adopting her. Absolutely!! We were so thrilled! The plan was to pick her up in Oshawa. We were nervous about meeting her (would she like us?) so we got there before she got there. When she arrived we fell in love. She is a beauty!

She has now been with us over a year and she is just such a wonderful part of the family. She has a little baby “sister” Emma, a 5 pound chihuahua. Our home has been a flurry of activity with the 2 little ones chasing each other and playing. Of course Abby is the fastest always, obviously the Italian greyhound in her. When she lets Emma catch her they just love rolling around together. Emma loves to lick Abby’s face and ears and Abby just lays back and lets her go to it.

Abby has become “Daddy’s girl” and when she is relaxing it is usually beside him, as close as she can get. She learns so quickly and has learned to crawl, sit pretty, roll over and dance for her treats of course. She loves to have her belly rubbed and scratched and can be such a card to get your attention.

We are so thankful to the CCRT for this special girl!