Amy has been with us for about six months now. She has been the source of much joy since day one. I don’t think a day has gone by when I haven’t thought about how lucky we are that Amy has come into our lives.

She gets along very well with our other rescued chihuahua, and they love to run around the backyard together, side by side.

Amy had a very hard start to life, and as a result, she doesn’t negotiate stairs very well. I doubt she will ever be able to go downstairs herself, but she is getting better at going up. Sometimes though, when she is placed on the stairs, she will look at you like she wants to ask, “You want me to do what?”

Amy’s two favourite pastimes are: 1) Hide ‘n Seek 2) Belly rub

I was surprised how quickly Amy learned Hide ‘n Seek and how much she loved it. Our house has a long hallway that leads to the kitchen at the back of the house. Along the hall are two doors that lead in and out of the combination living room/dining room area. I was teaching her to run around the ‘circle’ created by the two doors, the way our other dogs in the past had done. Amy surprised me by turning this game into Hide ‘n Seek all by herself. She runs down the hallway as fast as she can and goes flying into the kitchen. Then she backs into the corner as far as she can and waits for me to come in. When she sees me she gets overly excited and runs in small circles and then goes down the hall and back to do it again. If I try to sneak into the kitchen, she will peek her head around the corner and either go hide or take off running the other direction.

I discovered my new purpose in life shortly after Amy moved in. Amy will sit on your lap and raise a front paw in an effort to ask to have her belly rubbed. If I’m reclining in my chair or bed, reading or watching TV, Amy will climb up and sit on my chest facing away from me, practically on my neck, and wrap her little body around my face and maybe lick the tip of my nose and raise her paw in the air. Trust me when I say I know most dogs love a good belly rub. But I don’t think anything can compare to the way Amy likes her belly rubbed. And I can say with conviction, it’s a good purpose.

There aren’t words to express the gratitude we feel for the people at CCRT and especially Amy’s foster-mom, Lee. I shudder to think what might have happened to Amy without her extraordinary patience and love.