A little over 6 months ago, Arnold came to live in our home. He is the sweetest little boy who spends his days sleeping in front of the fireplace or terrorizing the family cats. He has been given a clean bill of health from our family vet and is just enjoying his time with the family. He is truly a unique little boy and we are so lucky to have him in our home.

Only recently did we decide to welcome another little boy into our home, so we adopted Chico. Chico is just the sweetest little boy and although he hasn’t been with us long, we know he’s a perfect fit.

Arnold and Chico get along famously and are only mildly competing for the family’s attention.

We’d like to thank Terry for helping us to find our wonderful boys, along with Nancy, Kathleen and Albert for taking such great care of them before they came into our lives. They are truly blessings.

Ginny, Mike and Katie Batrie