I would like to thank CCRT for the opportunity to foster then adopt this elegant little charmer. The support provided by Terry and the CCRT has been wonderful. December 2012 Terry called that a Chihuahua was at the Sudbury Shelter and could I go get her. This is how Bambi joined our family farm on December 21, 2012.

She looked like a little fawn. She was very timid and frightened. She would “pancake” down when approached. It took time (and many treats) to get her to first know her name then come to her name. She gets along well with our 2 other dogs Lucy, a spaniel/border collie mix and Buster an older yellow lab mix. She learned with rewards to use the pee pad inside the house.

Once used to our home she started to go outside in our fenced back yard. She loves being out side. She runs for the pleasure of being able to go fast. She follows Lucy and does every thing she does. Bambi and I seemed to develop a bond of trust right away. She has been my shadow in the house from the first. It seemed a natural thing to adopt her since she get gets along so well with the other dogs and even reluctantly with the man of the house, my husband Jack. She is very food motivated. She puts every thing in her mouth. It has taught my husband to pick up after himself. Something I have been trying to do for years. Thank you Bambi!

Bambi has brought much joy to our home watching her adapt and gain the courage to be part of “the pack” with our dogs and with my daughter’s dogs when they visit. We are very pleased to have this lovely little Chihuahua become part of our family.

Iris and Jack