We have always been dog lovers, although I have to admit our first love is Boxers, we have always been boxer lovers, have always owned boxers, except for our rescue of a 6 month Chow, Jake, who passed away 2 yrs ago at age 12.  We were part of Boxer Rescue until, unfortunately, I was not able, due to back problems, foster boxers anymore. 

Since we still wanted to foster rescue dogs we decided that smaller dogs was something that I would be able to do, hence my introduction with the CCRT and my first foster, Bambi.  Truth be told at this point I had only known a couple of chihuahuas and neither of them were very nice, but when they put Bambi in my arms I knew something was different about this girl. 

We already had a female Boxer, Mya, who, thank goodness, is the most loving and patient of dogs since Bambi did try her patience the first couple of nights.  Bambi would not leave her crate for the first 2 days, only during the night to do her kamikaze attacks on Mya while she was asleep on her bed, which would propel her onto our bed, then this little dog would prance right back into her crate proud of her achievement, poor Mya, learnt quite quickly to sleep with one eye open, as did we.  Then out of the blue as I was sitting on the floor, as I had for the past 2 days, this little chihuahua jumped on my lap and stared at me, I said to her “Well hello there cutie”, then she started to lick my face, that is when I knew that she was mine, it seems that I had passed some kind of test.  She was definitely not leaving. 

We have been inseparable ever since.  We go everywhere together.  She loves the tummy rubs that my son and husband give her and loves to give kissies in return.  She likes getting dressed up to go out and does a little dance of joy when she sees me head for her box of clothes.  She has lots of fur friends that she plays with at the park and her bestest friend is Mya….they even snuggle up together now, the best part is Mya now sleeps with both eyes closed. 

Love comes in all sizes.  For a little dog Bambi has a huge heart with lots of love to go around.
Sylvie, Ash & Family