On a snowy evening in February 2011, my partner Jamie and I had an appointment to meet a foster dog in the care of the CCRT.

With no expectations, but high hopes, we found ourselves at the home of a CCRT foster parent and surrounded by friendly rescue chihuahuas. In their midst was Bandedo, strawberry blonde and beautiful; he won our hearts instantly! A few days later, Bandedo was ours.

Since that day, Bandedo has shown that he feels right at home with us. As promised by Terry and Joy, our little guy is truly “delicious”. He is hungry for love and his favourite place is in bed, under the covers, snuggled between us. He loves going out in the yard and has proven to have been expertly house-trained.

As the weather warms, we are delighted by our daily walks through the city and Bandedo has a way of putting a smile on the faces of all the people we pass in the streets.

We have also discovered that Bandedo has an affinity for water and enjoys his bath time where he is most playful and unbelievably adorable. Our deepest and most grateful thanks to the CCRT for making our home complete with Bandedo.