Hi everyone at CCRT and to my Foster parents Heather and Isaac. I am sending a little note to let everyone know Beebeehow great everything is here in my forever home and to thank you all for making this possible.

As you can see I am enjoying the sun now that spring has sprung. I follow it around from room to room when I am not outside in my back yard with my Dad. I am getting terribly spoiled but I love every minute of it. My mommy says I deserve all the affection they can possibly give me. I spend the day with my dad since he is retired and we are outside in the backyard as much as possible now that the weather is finally warming up.

As you can see from the pictures I like to help carry in groceries, especially when there is something good for me. I am also going for walks in the park behind our house now. I am still scared of noise and strangers, but I am getting better everyday. I have even gone shopping with my mom and dad to the pet store.

BeebeeOn weekends we sometimes babysit my cousin Chiquita. She is only 3 years old, but we get along famously. We like to cuddle as you can see and we love playing together in the backyard. But most of all I love my mommy. I wait for her to come home from work everyday and I give her lots of kisses and we cuddle all evening. Thank you again everyone for making this the happiest time of my life. I will keep in touch.

Love BeeBee (aka Princess)