Since adopting Bella, she has been nothing but a silly little charmer.

She warmed up to us within hours and settled into her new home quite easily. She loves our downtown neighbourhood and gets along great with the doggie neighbours we meet during our walks and at the nearby park.

When she’s not napping in her cosy bed or beside us on the couch, Bella loves gnawing on her toys or munching on carrots. Her sweet, silly personality is a perfect match to ours and everyone that meets her can’t help but smile. All it takes is one of her trademark winks or a shake of her little paw. Even friends of ours that are ” cat people” or weren’t that into dogs were quickly converted after just a few minutes with her.

The ladies of the CCRT are just amazing and made the whole process easy and effortless. They knew exactly which dogs might suit our home and made a great choice in pairing us up with Bella. We’ve recommended the CCRT to all our friends and family. We can’t begin to express how much joy we get from having her in our lives.

Thanks so much!
Alexia and Terry