On June 25, 2007 a little sweetie came to her foster mom scared and confused. She immediately found her foster brother’s bed laid down and had a nice long needed nap. Little Belle weighed in at 6 pounds and a chi mix, her black and caramel furry coat was so soft, but she really needed a bath. Her foster mom put her in the tub shampooed her and she was as good as new, she did have to undergo some vet visits at first, tumor removal, some teeth pulled and then a spay to top it all off! She was very brave, and every time she knew she would be coming back home to her foster family’s love.

As the months when on and the prospect of Belle being adopted to a family came up, her foster parents couldn’t bare the thought of it. So in August, the papers were signed and Belle was officially ours for life. A happy edition to our family, she keeps her 11 month old brother in line and demands lots of belly rubs from dad. As she became more comfortable in the house she also became protective and even if she is fast asleep her head will pop up in a flash if she thinks anyone might be walking down the hall. I can’t imagine my life without Belle in it now,she looks at me with her big eyes and tongue sticking out and I just can’t feel down anymore.

I want to thank CCRT for giving me the opportunity to be a foster mom, without that Belle and I wouldn’t have found each other. It was meant to be.