Biscuit has brought such joy to my life. He has come to trust and knows that his life is about cuddling, pats, going for walks, going in the car, HIS cats – not about the bad stuff in his life pre-CCRT.

I have not looked back – I only look forward to many years of joy! If this little dog only knew how much he brings to my life!


I’ve had the privilege to not only have fostered, but also to have adopted rescues.

At one time I doubted that you could become attached to a dog that was not a pup. I am happy to say that I was very wrong. I have had some come into my home with some of the following problems: being frightened, health issues had not been taken care of by previous owner, little to no house manners and not knowing how to interact with other dogs or play with toys.

With love, patience, good care and a proper diet they all turned into different dogs right before my eyes. As an example, my one little dog sat like a little lump and never moved. She would pee whenever you would go to pick her up. Due to her past life in a puppymill she had a damaged bladder and had not yet fully come to understand that humans meant being loved. Over time she has become a totally different dog and is quite the character. While her bladder control may never be a 100%, the improvement has been tremendous.

People often say how wonderful we are, but in all honesty it is the rescues that are wonderful. They teach you so many things, the most important one being forgiveness. Adopting a rescue is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.