Today is the one month anniversary of the day Bo joined our family. We are so thankful to Terry and all of the volunteers at the CCRT who helped connect us with Bo.

Bo has become the constant companion of our chihuahua Chico and as you can see from their photos, they happily spend their days wrestling, chasing, goofing around, playing tug-of-war and running together. They are even starting to share a little snuggle when they nap together. They have become best friends and we laugh at their goofiness together every day. They make us smile and they truly are a perfect match for each other (and for us).

We would like to thank Bo’s foster parents (Grace and her husband) for supporting Bo to develop the skills to walk on a leash, climb stairs and to be a happy dog. He is now blossoming in his forever home.

Amanda, Brett, Chico and Bo