Another update on our adoptions of Calley and Bud – they are doing really well.

We acquired a min pin/daschund cross, Mickey, about a year and a half ago – a rescue we just couldn’t resist. What a  crew, along with Eddie the cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-dog. Everyone gets  along famously, with Calley being the Mom/Crew Boss.

Bud’s back goes out once in a while, but after some medication and resting for a few days, he’s ok. His hind end is still wobbley but he’s learned to pace himself most times. The three of them all go on walks with Dave over to the park, and he’s taught them all tricks like beg, lay side, roll over, etc.

Mickey was rather unruly when we got him – as he was living with a big Pit Bull who liked to play rough. It didn’t take Calley long to settle him down and teach him how to play gently with her – she keeps him in line. They work with Eddie the cat, who jumps up on the counter and knocks off any plastic food containers so the lid will pop off and they can all have a feast.. Who says they don’t  scheme!

 We are so pleased with our canine family, and wouldn’t  trade them for anything. Thank you!