I just thought I’d update you on Calley.

She’s a real sweetheart, and has fit into our household perfectly. Dave and Calley are inseparable. She sits on his lap when he uses his laptop, and beside him when he uses his computer – she even has an out of the way bed in his workshop and a chair in his study!

She loves riding in the car with him. She’s no longer afraid that it’s a ride to a new home. He brings her up to my law office to pick me up, and she is the darling of the office – everyone has to say hello. She adores her walks when the weather allows.

About a month ago she made some kind of decision that this was her forever home and you can see the confidence in her now. She gets along well with the cats, but is still figuring out how to play with them. She will curl up with our old guy, Rumper and sleep for the afternoon. She and Eddie (our 20 lb black cat) often go tearing around playing chase but she doesn’t like when he punches her (he has no front claws).

We are still working on her growling when you disturb her when she’s asleep – but we tell her “no grrrs” and it seems to work – most times. One of our cats, Doggers, passed away last month, so we’ve had a bit of a hierarchy change, but she coped well. She seemed to know he wasn’t well for about a month before.

All in all we are so honoured to have Calley with us and we would like to thank you for doing the matchmaking.


January 2011

I thought I would just update you on Calley and Buddy – they sure are sweethearts. Buddy is doing well. He had a pretty close call about two and 1/2 months ago. He got a spinal embolism after running around in the back yard and was paralysed from the ‘waist’ down. Our Vet didn’t know what was causing the paralysis at first – and after normal looking xrays and blood work, as a last ditch effort, gave him a massive dose of steroids – 24 hours later he was sort of walking (albeit wobbly). After she researched it (she took her only morning off to do that), that was exactly the recommended treatment, and if it didn’t work you didn’t have any other remedy but put him to sleep. It took him several weeks to recover, and he’s still a little wobbly at times, but he’s healthy and happy now – but no jumping allowed. They knew Buddy was a rescue dog as he had been in for his shots before, and to our surprise, the whole ordeal only cost $450 – including xrays etc. He’s now their miracle dog and everyone there knows him. There are a lot of ‘angels’ looking after him.

Calley just had her annual checkup and is now on a little bit of a diet. She’s put on weight since her last visit – about 1/2 lb. so we’re cutting her food down a bit. But other than that she’s Dave’s Velcro Dog and goes everywhere with him – and loves his woodworking shop. She and Buddy get along really well, although at times he is her ‘pesky brother’. Eddie our 20 lb cat now thinks he is a dog, and is part of their pack. It’s funny to watch.