Casper and Rico have become really good buddies. When we would first take walks with Casper, Casper would stop walking and wanted to be picked up. We did pick him up the first day, but then watched some Dog Whisperer and decided that Casper needed to become a dog in the pack and not be carried. So, it was hard at first to convince him to walk, but now he pulls on the leash just as hard as Rico. We found out that he has allergies, we’ve pinned it down to dust, so we have some Benadryl that we give him every now and then, and he’s fine. He also was switched over to the BARF diet, which at first was foreign to him, but now he just wolf’s it down like Rico. His coat and skin have become so soft since the switch over, which is always nice to see, and of course, nice to feel.

They both eat a well-balanced meal in the morning and then get a meaty bone at night, Casper doesn’t like pork bones, prefers beef, even though it takes him about 3 days to get to the bone on those big beef ribs, but he loves it. Casper makes chewing on a bone a game, he’ll chew for a while, then come to me, I pick him up and then he gives me lots of kisses and then goes back to his bone, he’s too cute! Rico, just keeps on chewing the bone, doesn’t have time to even look up. They have never fought or growled when the other one gets close to the other when they are chewing on the bones, very nice!

By the way, Casper now sleeps in the king size bed along with Rico, not in his crate, he’s enjoying that! Also, I have to say I wish Rico were more like Casper when I give them baths and cut their toenails. OMG, Casper is such a joy, he just stands in the sink and lets us wash him and dry him. He couldn’t care less either when I cut his toenails, Rico just wriggles and squirms the whole time.

Casper is learning a lot from Rico, how to bark at other dogs (which Rico had stopped doing, but now he has to protect Casper, and now Casper barks right along with Rico), more Dog Whisperer shows…. Casper is enjoying the play fighting that Rico 9 times out of 10 initiates. So Casper is becoming more outgoing and Rico is learning when to slow down, they mesh together very well!

We are going to California over the Thanksgiving weekend and that will be our family’s first trip with Casper; we are all looking forward to that! Maybe it’ll be warmer than it is here!

I have attached some photos, we hope you enjoy them, and from our family to all of you who do such great work, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for letting us bring Casper into our home, he has truly become a full fledged member of our family that we couldn’t imagine life without him anymore, he has wiggled his way into all of our hearts. Thank you so very much!

Angela, Greg, Julian, Rico and the lovely Casper!!!!