I would like to say a few lines on behalf of my dogs.  Charlie, Fanny and Timber are unique in their ways and now they are so happy in their new home.  Charlie is my top dog and he likes to head all barking to alert me if anyone or anything comes inside the door or walks amongst mommy’s backyard.  The landscapers will vouch about all the dogs being like that.  Fanny,is a sweet girl but as long as she is with mommy when in the car all is well.  Timber also loves car rides and she has the middle console to stand on to see outside the window.  I love these dogs more than i can say.  I believe that they are here as my gift from G-d.  We all fit together.  Any visitor who comes here will agree that these dogs love their new home and mommy.  The greatest joy I have every day is my welcoming committee to say that they love me with their kisses.  I love watching them run in the yard as we have moved into a house.  The dogs love to run and we listen well to mommy when being called.  I hope we have years of happiness between us