RIP November 2013


Charlie’s Sponsorship Angel – In Loving Memory

Joanne Hunt In Memory of Charlie


We adopted “Charlie” from CCRT approximately 6 weeks ago, and have never looked back!  It was the best decision we ever made, to add him into our little family, which consists of our 4 year old Chihuahua named Newt.  This never would never have been possible without the help of CCRT, Terry and his foster mom Sandra, all of whom took excellent care of this little guy, before he came to his Furever Home with us.

We realize it will take a while until he gains our trust 100%, but we are willing to put in the time, patience and love.  Just looking into his big dark eyes makes it all worth while.  His brother Newt, although a bit reluctant at first, in giving up his position in the family as the only fur baby and one BIG SPOILED one at that, is also finding out the benefits of having a brother and sharing things together.

Charlie is a 3 year old ChiPoo surrender.  We would like to share a few of the things that Charlie loves.   He loves Purebites liver treats, eating his dinner at midnight, loves walking with his brother, loves getting his picture taken and  loves the car and his new car seat.

Things Charlie does not love are, getting his eyes cleaned, getting his face washed, he hasn’t mastered the art of playing with toys or his brother just yet and isn’t what we would call a cuddler.

Things Charlie has accomplished since we first brought him home.  There was just NO WAY he would let anyone pat his head, or go anywhere near his head or neck, but that’s all changed and he’s fully accepting of a good boy head patting.  He’s able to run a large flight of stairs both up and down, and he’s using his pee pad for both #1 and #2.  He just won 1st Prize in a Halloween contest and has learned to drive his brother’s red sports car…see photo for proof!

All this to say, we love our little Lambchop!