I am Charles, HRH. I am known as Charlie to my friends, although frankly, I prefer constant adoration and titles, and also some bowing, if you don’t mind.

I came to CCRT from the Toronto Humane Society after I was found in a park where used up puppy mill bitches and studs had been dumped in the past. It was assumed I came from there, although no one knows for sure. I am chocolate brown and I was 7 and intact when I was found so the thought at THS was that I had been kept a bit longer than most studs to try to breed for the brown (a recessive gene). I went to a foster mom from THS and she was very very nice but I was REALLY REALLY BAD and she had to bring me back so they gave me to CCRT. CCRT tutored me (that’s what I THOUGHT they said, but the Mother keeps saying the NEUTERED me…)

CCRT asked my mom to take me for a week until an expert in difficult dogs could determine if I was just too bad to save or if I had hope. so I came to my mom (whom I prefer to call “the Mother”) who was then a foster mom for CCRT. and I was VERY VERY BAD. some days, with all the bites I gave her, she thought perhaps I needed to go to my reward. At the same time, other bad dogs came in to CCRT and my one week stretched to 2, then 3 and then on and on…

But then, one day, she took me over to the YWCA to pick up some paperwork and I was straining and straining to get into a room where I heard kids and she realized I wanted to be with them. so.. very carefully, she let me go to the door with her, and the kids and I had a riot. I love kids.

CharlieSo the mom thought I had hope. and she bore with me. Much more biting and badness went on but never with anyone except the Mother. Mom’s vet said my teeth were really bad but wanted to wait a year before taking them out — at the end of the year, out they came. (Oh, did I mention by then Mom adopted me since no one else ever would – and yet she had no problem when homes were found for every other foster she had…) So, out they came. 13 of them. I have my back teeth and snaggle tooth on the bottom to carry things around. I was happier after that since my mouth didn’t hurt but I still was pretty nasty.

So we went to doggie school and I learned to heel and sit and stay — but no way I was every going to lie down. took Mom two years to get me to do that but now I do it. Please no one tell DOROTHY who ran out doggie school — I CANNOT let her think she won!

Now I am 13, or so, and still vital and active. I have no real health problems and I can roar around forever outside and I love it. I still do earn my nickname, “Snarly Charlie” from time to time, but even though sometimes I gum the mother, I never ever had hurt or tried to hurt another person or dog in all these years. Just her. AHA! as if she can control me! I will show her!

I am very arrogant, which I prefer to think of as regal. I never bark– well, seldom. I don’t shiver or shake. I am a TRUE MAN OF ROYAL HERITAGE. and thanks only to CCRT did I get a chance to live my nice life. So thanks, CCRT. But really, you should be thanking me since I am the best looking dog ever and every time I set foot out the door I am the best advertisment for you you could imagine! Everyone who sees me loves me. Who would not? HRH